Auto Insurance Rates

Need Auto Insurance rates. Check every 6 months and you can save a few hundred potentially on your policy.

Law Professor says, never talk to a police officer

Law Professor gives his testimonial review regarding how to approach a situation when interfacing with a police officer. The Law Professor provides some tips on how to properly handle situations where the person being questioned for any situations related to the police officer’s questioning.

“I Killed A Man” – Video Confession

A Guys confesses regarding his accidental situation where he drank, drove, and hit a man that he killed. It’s very touching situation, but it also is very sad to see how he made this video to admit what he did. It’s a bit strange how to video when viral, but also, whether it taught anyone else thinking about drinking and driving as well.

Hang Up and DRIVE!

Stop using the cell phone while driving.

If a DMV line looks like this…

If a DMV line looks like this, it means you probably got there before they opened in the morning.


Parents, Teens, remember safe driving during prom time!

When high schools make preparations for proms, safer driving keeps the teens safe, and the parents happy.  This should serve as a reminder for drivers to stay focused, have courtesy for the fellow drivers and have a safe and wonderful prom experience for all people of interest.

Auto Insurance Phone Calls

If you are receiving phone calls to change auto insurance, and you have no clue as to how you received the phone calls, or how the call was able to find your number, the best choice is to ignore and not answer the phone, or allow yourself to be a victim of some up-selling.  You have to understand that Auto Insurance is a delicate matter, especially when you know deep down that having a reputable auto insurance provider is important for your peace of mind and understanding in the event you require filing a claim, you want to make sure that a reliable, solid provider is backing your policy, and not some “never heard of”, off the wall provider.

So, keep in mind, the next time you receive a phone call, don’t just fall for it.  Make sure you do your homework before switching.

Important to Be Careful when driving or following

What is Gap Insurance?

Let’s say you are paying a co-pay of the insurance claim, the rest of the claim is paid by the carrier by the Financial Carrier.  Your insurance provider will only pay for the portion that is included in the coverage.

Does running the air conditioner eat my fuel? Yes, by about 10%

DMV lines are getting shorter and shorter.

Which state are you in?


When was last you changed your regular or synthetic oil?


What does “KEEP CLEAR” mean?

Means if a car is stopped right past the sign, you have to stay behind the keep clear wording!

Notice 2 signs No Turn On Red


No texting or else $159


Highway Patrols hanging out on freeway gutters