Are drivers or motorist instigating high speed driving and are angry although other drivers are driving at the speed limit?


HOV lanes

Can CHP parking their motorcycle in the edge of the HOV LANE can cause distraction to Carpoolers. Motorists are concerned about the safety hazard created by this type of activity.


Labor Day Weekend – SAFE DISTANCES, SAFE OBSERVANCE OF VEHICLES, SAFE SPEEDS, AND SAFER DRIVERS, will make this Holiday weekend safer and more special.

Recent Poll: Should DMVs require elderly drivers to take a driving test?

Answer, NO, because if the DMV requires this driving test for elderly drivers, it is highly likely the elderly drivers will NOT PASS, and therefore, the DMV for each state will LOSE MONEY, LOSE REVENUE, LOSE RENEWALS.

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Talking Smart car – Department of Transportation launching a project involving 3000 smart cars for “Smart Transportation”, equipped with high-tech gear, wifi, etc, that allows for the drivers to interact with their car, and their car, send, detect, traffic, potential collisions, and a series of other datas that empower the driver’s awareness.

Here’s the statement by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

Stop Lookilooing at accidents near you as this will slow your own traffic and create a risk of an accident.


Listen to to make your driving experience more pleasurable.

Statewide DMV outage to thousands in California!


Recently at a networking event regarding drinking and driving.

It was a conversation regarding transporting the person who is drinking to their end goal destination, and how strict it is important to keep the ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONSUMPTION to a limit, so that by the end of the event, the effect of the ALCOHOL to the BLOOD can subside.  However, it was unfortunate to realize that some people will not think about this.  So, WE at STRONGLY RECOMMEND that if you as a RESPONSIBLE PERSON decides to Drink Alcohol, but does not have a SOBER DRIVER to drive you to your home ground.  DO THE RIGHT THING AND GRAB A TAXI.  Don’t risk it.  It’s just not worth the risk because this particular type of risk is not one that can be reversed.


Important signs that are most common to motorists.





Do Not Block Intersection.


Let’s just say you are about to cross an intersection on a green light, however, you notice ahead that cars are linung up and have come to a point where by the time your vehicles is behind them, you will be in the intersection, assuming that before the green light turns towards red, the traffic ahead will move forward so that you’re not in the intersection. Solution to this problem is to think ahead before you are about to cross so if you don’t see room for your vehicle, you can stop behind your traffic light so that you wait until the traffic ahead of you is cleared up.

DMV Kiosks help consumate DMV related services during and after business hours


Connecticut DMV indicates that Teen Driving Laws are SAVING LIVES

Reminder: TEXTING and DRIVING is very dangerous, even our writers who write about this article have been guilty by forgetting this rule of safety. Keep in mind, you will realize how important that keeping your phone down and not using while driving is the best thing you can do for you and your fellow motorists.


Driving with the Flow Of Traffic lessens risk of accident.

Keeping your vehicle with the flow of traffic is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as it allows for you to maintain a consistency with the surrounding vehicles.  If you are driving faster or slower than the flow of traffic, then you’re vehicle is more noticeable or can enter into a higher probability of accident.